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If you maintain a medical prescription for speech or voice therapy we offer voice and speech therapy for children and adults. At a first meeting we obtain a medical history, run an accurate diagnosis and give advice on the forthcoming treatment. We provide therapy according to your individual skills and needs. The objective of the language therapy for children is German.



You want to enhance your vocal and speaking expression?  We offer voice and speech training according to your individual skills and needs.


Our services are adressed to people in professions which demand high speech qualities, as well as to anyone who wants to improve the skills in voice and speech. Various exercises shall develop your natural and released voice.


Enhance your body perception, expand your ability for breathing and combine voice and speech in a fluent way. We also offer accent reduction training and we support you in preparation of presentations or performances.

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Karl-Heinz Girnau, teacher of breath, voice and speech

Karl-Heinz Girnau

Teacher of breath, voice & speech

Désirée Kämpfert-Girnau

Teacher of breath, voice & speech


In terms of teachers of breath, voice and speech and certified coaches our work is based on a holistic perspective. In therapy, similar to coaching we draw from the interplay of breath, voice and body tension.

breathing freely

coughing tenderly

speaking joyfully

singing easily

speaking fluently


Praxis für Stimme und Sprechen


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Désirée Kämpfert-Girnau

Karl-Heinz Girnau


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